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9 Way Multi Plug Adapter


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For domestic use only.
– Children should not operate electrical devices.
– Use electrical cords and multi-plugs wisely, do not overload them.
– Comply with voltage and amp makings at all times…
– If extension cords are used always funcoil the cord and never run the cord under carpets and rugs.
– Do not open the product or attempt to disassemble the internal arts or modify them in any way.
– Do not use this product if damaged or a fault is detected-switch off power immediately.
– Dont expose the products to rain; use it near water or in damp or wet conditions. If water or liquid seeps into product, turn off the power at
the behold electrical distribution board immediately and remove fall socket. leveren on remove an electric plug with wet hands. unting the product with screws be careful if drilling holes or hammering nails. Int cal wiring or plumbing in walls can be dangerous and cause lectrocution.

Once opened please dispose of this packaging responsibly.
– All chargers
– Audio video equipment

Certain power tools such as jigsaws &
– sanders
– Computers
– Household fridges
– Kitchen appliances
– Lamps
– Monitors
– Printers
– TV’s

What’s in the box
1 x Plug Adapter

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9 Way Multi Plug Adapter